Crying over you

you came into my life again, leaving more footprings in my heart. while i was trying to hold on tight you let go without a fright. not even saying goodbye as if you didnt want to, but letting go like you always wanted. you treated me as if i was nothing, always putting me down, making me feel worthless.

And all i did was let you know how i felt truly and deeply. and how i really didnt want you to go. but why is it so hard to let you go knowing how you treated me? why do i keep coming back for more? things will never work out so why do i wnat to try to make it? even though were over, im wanting you back, why? you hurt me in so many ways i just cant say, you let me down to much days! yet im the one to blame.

I want to let you go, but you left me with all our memories that keep hurting me so deep inside. im deleting your number off my phone, im letting you go, im done playing the blame game, AND IM DONE CRYING OVER YOU!!


About Aisha Chaudhary

A Person Who's Friend of Thousands But Herself Friendless! A Self-Imposed Cursed And A Blessing in Disguise
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2 Responses to Crying over you

  1. this post was so sad,since its written in july, i hope you are feeling better by now 😉 I am assuming there must be another blog where you still write in, hu ? some witty stuff maybe ?

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