hair Tutorial

hair Tutorial

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This hairstyle is basically the same thing as milkmaid braids, only modified to up the volume and lessen the big part in the back. Pigtails or regular milkmaid braids make me look like I’m balding, as I have a wicked scar in the back of my head.

I would recommend doing this in a mirror and checking the back to make sure it’s all neat and tidy as you go, because I did not and it’s a little (or a lot) messy in the back. I redid it before heading out and it looked much better, so make sure you use a mirror! For full instructions, keep reading after the jump.What you need:dry shampoo or volumizing product (like the Sachajuan volume powder I often use)bobby pinsbrush


If your hair needs added texture, you can use a dry shampoo. This will make the teasing part a lot easier. Spray at your roots, lifting as you go. Wait a minute or two and comb it through, or else you’ll be left with a powdery mess. Then, divide your hair into two sections, like you’re doing a half-updo. Back comb underneath the top half and smooth over the top. This will give you lift in the front.

Pin the newly teased section (make sure the top layer is smooth, to cover the mess) with a couple (or more, if you need them) of bobby pins. You can give the bump a little boost if you want – you don’t have to just rely on the teasing.

You should now have what is known as the S nookie. Stop at this step and fist pump the night away, or continue to the next steps for the original hairdo we set out to do. It’s your choice!

Divide the lower section into two parts and braid. Secure with small elastics or just be lazypants and leave them loose, like me.

Pull each braid to the opposite side of your head. Secure with bobby pins. You can tuck the ends underneath each braid.

Pin some flowers behind your ear or leave as is. You might want to finish with a little bit of hair spray, but otherwise – that’s it!

If you would like me to do a regular demonstration of milkmaid braids, please let me know. Otherwise, it’s basically this but instead of doing the whole tease and bump thing, you just braid two low pigtails and pin the braids on either side of your head. Super easy!

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