finally say Good Bye to your Dark circles Under your eyes

finally say Good Bye to your Dark circles Under your eyes

Dark circle is one of the great problem faced by mostly people specially who have the habit of waking  nights   for study and reading books and mostly spend whole night on social media so due to these habits  there become a dark circle under their eyes

                                                                                                [Image source]
everyone want to get rid of these dark circles under their eyes and used many creams and other  tips
here i am going to share  a very simple and natural way   to get rid of dark circles
the natural thing which iam going to tell you is not expensive or you have nothing to do any work hard for it
this thing can be find  in your garden  its a herb
Mint  yes its really useful not only for  eyes but also for our skin
FOR get rid of eye dark circle you have to follow few simple steps
fisrt  take some leaves of mint and wash them with water and then 
you chop& crush mint
then you apply this crushing  paste under your eyes circle and leave this for 20 minutes .
The skin under eyes is very sensitive to don’t try to scrub this paste but you can risen smoothly this paste with the help of  cotton  and then wash your eyes and face after 20 minutes.
 you can repeat this act once in a day
you can see  affect of this magical natural herb 🙂

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