You can do many things with your Toothpaste

Tooth paste is  obviously use for clean our teeth  but with tooth paste we can do many things  in our daily life but it should be only white toothpaste none other type of paste

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1:clean Rings,sliver,
you need a tooth brush put some toothpaste on it and then scrub gently  your ring  and silver ornaments  and look your ring shine
2:get rid of stains from cloth and carpet and sofa 
yes now you can get rid of all type of stains on your carpet or cloths squeeze  toothpaste on your spot and risen then wet the spot place with any soft cleaning pad and
3: REMOVE YOUR scratches on Dvd /Cds
put some tooth paste on Cd and softly risen  then clean it off .
4:Dim your pimple
just dab a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple before sleeping and when you wake up it will dry up …

5:clean your nails:
you can clean your nails with toothpaste  just wet your nails and then take a toothbrush and squeeze on it toothpaste and scrub it gently on your nails your nails must be shine after this toothpaste scrubbing .
6:Mosquito and insect  bite :
put some amount of toothpaste on your effected skin point  and you feel relax and toothpaste remove your itches

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