Trust in a Relationship

Trust in a Relationship


Trust is such a delicate and yet magical word in relationships. It take years to build up trust in a relation but it takes only few moments, some suspicions and a few misunderstandings to break that trust. Whenever we get hurt, someone breaks our trust then we feel like it was our fault that we believed their each and every word. We can feel that trust is like a mirror, once broken it can never be joined again in the way it was once. It is really hard to trust someone as it is really hard to keep a promise forever.


In our life we should firstly trust GOD. He is the one who has blessed us with life. He tests our trust by making us go through different harsh situations. Only those succeed who have complete faith on GOD. We do not know about even the very next moment of our life but we still move forward just on the basis of faith and trust.


In any relationship, specially a relationship with your life partner, should be based on trust. A relationship ca exist without love but its existence without trust is really hard, approximately impossible. So if u trust a person then trust him completely.

So my dear readers, if u’ ve ever trusted a person and u r a heart broken then don’t give up. One day u ‘ll have the right person with you. That person will prove that he deserves ur trust, care and love. So trust the one who really deserves.

 By: ©Laiba Zainab
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2 Responses to Trust in a Relationship

  1. lovely post. I really believe trust, is one of the mos important things in life. trusting him…

  2. aishbilal says:

    indeed 🙂 thanks for visiting here

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