Sky is not the limit

We’ve always heard that “Only Sky is the limit” in our daily routine  but in today’s world this concept has changed. This statement depicts that man’s potential is limited but in reality there is no limit. Man is formed from a single cell (zygote), the potential of that single cell is unlimited so it is really unjust to say that sky is the limit for human being.

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Is there a limit to how high one should aim? Well to be realistic there is no limit, one can aim as high as one thinks. Your aim and what you can achieve depends on you. All that matters is your focus and your determination. Nothing is impossible to achieve.
Once women were considered weak and were supposed to be housewives only but now they are excelling in each and every field of life. They are proving their abilities and guts. Now no one can claim that women are unable to do any specific task. It is not only about women but men are also in the field to prove their inner abilities. So in short, there is no field in life where limits regarding work are considered now.
So, my worthy readers after reading this, if you are not going to do anything extraordinary then you are underestimating yourself and its not only an unjust act for your own self,  infarct it is an unfair deed to the whole world as well. Do not rob this country of such a great resource as yourself. Utilize your potential. Be all that you can be so that when you die, you will have utilized every single drop of your being. So dream high because……
“We’ve removed the ceiling above our dreams. There are no more impossible dreams.”

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