aur koi zabeth ki dunya talash ker (urdu Designed poetry)




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A Person Who's Friend of Thousands But Herself Friendless! A Self-Imposed Cursed And A Blessing in Disguise
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3 Responses to aur koi zabeth ki dunya talash ker (urdu Designed poetry)

  1. wish i cud understand urdu

    • aishbilal says:

      i translate whole poem for u i just design 4 paragraph from this poem 🙂

      With such style she stayed alongside me today

      For as long as she stayed with us, we stayed lost

      Neither the belief of infidelity, nor the religion or the world remained

      O passion congratulations on for we remained alone

      O Lord may someone’s secret of love be kept well

      Neither the desert of frenzy nor the abode remained

      Go and find another world of self-control!

      O Passion no longer worthy of you, we remained no more

      No acceptable to me is the vastness of the two worlds

      In my fate there should remain a couple of yards of land of beloved’s path

      The difficult stages of the pain of the sorrow of separation

      Amazed I am that you still remained so beautiful

      Look at the efforts of passion to liberate us

      The desire to weep goes on while the tears remain no more.

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